Smokey Joe's Catering

Kitchen is not the only place that magic happens; Smokey Joe’s restaurants are not the only choice to seat in and enjoy our food! Smokey joe’s joins you anywhere, any occasions. Dear friends, we are happy to tell you. Starting from 2008, Smokey Joe’s Catering is here to serve you. Contact us to experience the finest quality and enjoy the gourmet!

We provide food to parties and events, indoor/outdoor. We hear you, so we adapt to your needs, offering a wild selection of menus, equipment and styles. Professional catering car with cold storage to keep the best taste of every dishes; the most experienced staff gathered from our brands shops to give the best service. Let us plan the show!

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Great sunshine, romantic atmosphere, laughter around. Big day for a new couple.

Vow and ceremony; family and friends. Everything is just right. But the catering area and food? Hmm… I’m not sure…

What makes a high quality and impressive event? Catering takes a great part! And, to choose a great team? Price, food and taste for sure, but there’s something else that you should also put into consideration: cooperation between the host and catering team. First, no matter the event takes place indoor or outdoor, a good lighting is always a plus to make the food more beautiful and delicious, which makes good impression of the event on your guests. But, don't forget! The flow and layout of your catering area are other keys leading a successful event.

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Joe’s catering believes that “site survey” plays an important role during your planning stage. And you should never neglect it. To meet your need and achieve the best outcome, our manger will contact you in advance to do site survey and gather all information necessary, occasion, space capacity, style preferred, flow and layout. All this information helps us to calculate, plan and design suitable catering package for you, from setting to decoration. We believe all these details contribute to a successful event and bring you unforgettable experience. Endless details and enough stress? We understand you are picky to be perfect. Tell us your needs, Joe’s catering got your back! This is the glamorous part of catering!